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Estijos slaugytojų organizacija kviečia į tarptautinė mokslinę konferenciją Taline

Dalinamės Estijos slaugytojų sąjungos prezidentės Gerli Liivet laišku ir kvietimu. Visa informacija, konferencijos programos nuoroda ir registracijos nuoroda žemiau.


Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to the international research and development conference in Tallinn. The conference is organized by our good partners from the healthcare college and the regional hospital.

More information below.

Best regards

Gerli Liivet

Estonian Nurses Union


Head of International Relations

We invite you to the "5 Star Nursing Conference 2023" ! This year's conference will take place on November 7-8, 2023. Since 2017, the North Estonia Medical Centre and Tallinn Health Care College have been organising the international research and development conference "5 Star Nursing", which has become a yearly tradition, focusing on two benchmarks of Estonian nursing: the Standartised Nursing Language and the implementation of the Magnet® nursing quality model in practice. This year's main topics are: • Education, research and implementation of Standardised Nursing Language (Nanda I, NIC and NOC); • Electronic Health Record; • Magnet®; • Nursing Quality For more information click here: Register to conference here: If you have any questions or problems with registration, feel free to contact us:

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